Sunday, April 19, 2009

Naish 11.4 Stand Up Paddle Board

During my March 09 trip to our house at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina I rented out a demo Naish 11. 4 Stand Up Paddle Board. I liked it so much that I bought it knowing that it will be the ideal light wind, small wave riding machine down at our place in Hatteras. I only got a couple rides on it before I had to go. First I took it over in the Pamilico sound near the Hatteras Island to Ocrakoke Ferry terminal to get the feel of the board, how to stand and balance etc. I quickly found out that it is not as easy as it looks in the videos. Then I went to beach on the ocean at our house. I managed to catch and ride a couple waves but most of the time I did a lot of falling off out in the surf but definitely enjoyed the ability to stand up and paddle out vice laying on the board.
The highlight was paddling just beyond the break parallel with the beach when a pod of 10-12 porpoises (dolphins?) joined me swimming back and forth on both side of the board. Sometimes they were only 5-6 feet away and I could clearly see there big slick grey bodies gliding by under water and their eyes looking at me as they came out of the water. Really Cool!
Now unfortunately the board is in storage awaiting my return to the USA. Here are a couple photos of it. Meanwhile this will give me time to make my own SUP paddle.

Nose View - Naish 11.4

Naish 11.4 Tri-Fin set up

Board Specs!

The beach in front of our Hatteras House where I had my first ocean/wave SUP experience and paddled along with the dolphins

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