Sunday, November 21, 2010

Custom Sail- Mast Roof Rack Quiver Box For Sale

Custom built aerodynamic shaped, Epoxy Composite Mast - Sail Quiver Box.

Hand built in Belgium in 2008 exclusively for windsurfing because I got tired of having no room in my car for anyone else to go with me due to the car being otherwise packed with windsurfing sails, masts, etc. Using the box I can carry 6-7 sails plus masts inside freeing up my right front passenger seat and lots of extra room inside the back.

The quiver box was four months in the making using epoxy, glass, and some carbon fiber, over a 4mm wood core. It is 10' long overall with 9'6"of inside usable space. It will carry sails up to 11.0 and masts up to 530cm long inside. Amazingly for its size it is only 38 pounds empty weight! Compare that to the 45-60 pound Tule and Yakima roof top boxes which are at least 2 feet shorter in length!! The rear rack attachment brackets can be extended to lift rear of box up off the rear roof rack allowing the car's rear hatch to fully open.

It is currently set up for the round bar Yakima racks with a 5' spread between front and rear racks. However, the box attachments can be altered to fit other rack systems.

Newly born with shiny new paint job. April 2008

Rear View - Note inside latch of key lock.

6-7 sails plus masts can be put inside!

Note the aluminum side brackets that lock the box to the rear roof rack bar but allow easy release.

Note the rear box lifted by the aluminum lift brackets to allow opening of the rear hatch of the car.

Monday, May 31, 2010


After 5 years of talking about it, contemplating it, saving up $$, waiting for three years while living in Belgium, I have finally got my new windsurfing trailer. Its an E & J Custom Aluminum Trailer from Ontario, Canada. After a whirlwind drive up there to pick it up and back I got to use it yesterday.

I quickly added a 4th upper rack to hold booms, SUP/Kayak Paddles, and masts as well as put foam padding around each rack tube. I had to cut off the spare tire attachment bolt that they had the spare mounted to on the inside of the trailer as it was taking up vital board room.

I loaded up boards and gear using whatever tie-downs I had available but still have to develop a better permanent system. Not only that we were rewarded with a 25-30 knot warm SW wind day down on the North Carolina Outer Banks which offered great sailing despite the jellyfish stings. There were an unusual number in the water yesterday.

It was great to finally not have to have my car loaded to the gills with windsurf boards and gear. Plus accessing everything is so much easier too! So far I love it.

So now I am busy thinking of other modifications etc. but overall just glad it is finally here. Check out the below photos.

Good winds,


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dusseldorf Boat Show

On Saturday January 16 I went with my German friend, who is a sailing instructor at a German Sailing School, to the Dusseldorf Boat Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. This is one of the largest boat shows in the world and definitely the biggest I have ever seen. There were 17 pavilions full of everything you could ever imagine for boating and watersports enthusiasts. This included two pavilions for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and standup paddle boarding.
There were thousands of people in attendance and the boardsports areas were packed. We were there on the first day of the show and I think everyone showed up that day to take advantage of the huge inventory of windsurfing and kiteboarding gear at the big boat show discount prices.
Anyway, here are some photos. Enjoy..... Chuck

Big crowds looking for big discount deals!

Black Sails anyone? They look cool but wonder how long they will last once exposed to sunlight?

50 meter SUP paddling demo pool

Manufacturer Rep explaining board features to the crowd.

Tabou Boards and Tabou Reps talking with potential riders.

Beautiful Starboard 15 stand up paddle board


The "Tabou 3s 76" - Suppossedly a great high wind & gorge board!?

World Famous Kona One adjacent to the Exocet display area