Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grevelingendam, Netherlands- March 2008

Chuck with his loyal old brown dog - Jasper after beautiful WNW 35 knot 4.0 session at Grevelingendam. 01 March 2008

Luiz, windsurfing friend from Brussels and his Mistral Syncro. Luiz and his wife now live in Minnesotta, USA

Sailors blasting in 35 knot conditions at Grevelingendam, Netherlands
More high wind blasting. Note windmills in background.

Grevelingendam Windsurfing club.

Rigging up the small board and rigs. 01 March 08, Grevelingendam, NL

Belgium pro-sailor and his camper/trailer set up at Grevelingendam.

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