Sunday, April 19, 2009

Germans Invade Holland - Windsurfing Style

The "Punt" (Point) at Browersdam, Netherlands. Friday 09 April 2009. First day of the European Easter Holiday Weekend and hundreds of German windsurfers came to Browersdam in every sort of windsurfing vehicle, RV, Van, Trailer etc. imaginable. Winds blew SE 14-18 knots all morning and early afternoon up until about 1500. It was a fun day with many, many windsurfers on the water.

Valeri Veroski, Brussels Belgium windsurfer brings his 9.0 in after the session.

The basic German Van & Trailer set up.

See all the new sails I have - Unknown German windsurfer. Belgium JP board rep parked there too.

Looking West at the Punt. The small green ridge of land at the back of the picture is the dyke keeping back the North Sea from the inland lakes and areas.

Nice German camper van with boards and sail boxes on top.

Looking down the access road at all the vehicles.

Chuck's Volvo XC surrounded by water toys at the Punt and with his composite "Stitch & Glue" wood epoxy sail/mast carrier box on top.

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