Thursday, April 14, 2011

Canadian Hole, Cape Hatteras 11 April 2011

Warm, Strong SSW Winds at Canadian Hole
Photo by: Chuck Rhodes

Canadian Hole rocked today with 30-35knot SSW winds. Located just a couple miles south of Avon, North Carolina on the Pamlico Sound side of the famous Cape Hatteras Outer Banks, Canadian Hole is a popular windsurfing spot for all levels of windsurfers from beginner to expert. With the exception of a deep spot or "hole" just off the beach, the water is generally waist to chest high for several miles out into the sound. This makes for a great place for flat water ripping, bump & jump sailing, learning to windsurf, or just all around fun without deep water issues for less experienced sailors.

It is popular with Canadian windsurfers who tired of their cold, long winter, flock south to Hatteras to sail. Hence the name, "Canadian Hole". Of course sailors from all over the U.S. frequent the spot too.

On Monday 11 April 2011 I was lucky to catch a great high wind sailing day. Started out riding an Exocet Cross II 84 liter board with a 5.0 sail but quickly came back in and rigged down to a 4.5 in the ever increasing SSW winds. Soon I found myself putting max down haul into the sail and still getting overpowered. So came back in once again and rigged my 2006 Aerotech Charge 4.0 wave sail. This combo with the Cross 84 worked well for awhile and I was getting break neck speed out of the board and sail, even at 195 lbs and riding such a small board and sail. The Cross 11 84 is very fast, almost too fast when blasting through some of the rougher "psycho chop" sections in the shallower water but still never out of control.

Finally even the 4.o was getting too big. I thought about rigging down once again to 3.7 but my arms were like rubber and I was totally exhausted after 5 hours of sailing. So, I called it a day.
Despite being so physically tired I was mentally fired up from having such a great session. Lets do it again soon!
Here are some photos taken earlier in the day when it was only blowing 5.0!

Good winds,

Unknown Sailor gets a good "chop hop" at the Hole.
Photo by: Chuck Rhodes

George Laam, Hampton Roads, Virginia area sailor, coming in happy from his first session of the day. Photo by: Chuck Rhodes

Canadian Hole parking lot. Photo by: Chuck Rhodes

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