Monday, May 31, 2010


After 5 years of talking about it, contemplating it, saving up $$, waiting for three years while living in Belgium, I have finally got my new windsurfing trailer. Its an E & J Custom Aluminum Trailer from Ontario, Canada. After a whirlwind drive up there to pick it up and back I got to use it yesterday.

I quickly added a 4th upper rack to hold booms, SUP/Kayak Paddles, and masts as well as put foam padding around each rack tube. I had to cut off the spare tire attachment bolt that they had the spare mounted to on the inside of the trailer as it was taking up vital board room.

I loaded up boards and gear using whatever tie-downs I had available but still have to develop a better permanent system. Not only that we were rewarded with a 25-30 knot warm SW wind day down on the North Carolina Outer Banks which offered great sailing despite the jellyfish stings. There were an unusual number in the water yesterday.

It was great to finally not have to have my car loaded to the gills with windsurf boards and gear. Plus accessing everything is so much easier too! So far I love it.

So now I am busy thinking of other modifications etc. but overall just glad it is finally here. Check out the below photos.

Good winds,



Anonymous said...

Who ever is writing comments in Chinese please don't waste your time as I have no idea what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice trailer, can you send specs and dimensions by any chance? To